My Father's Voice

2003 Florida College Alumni Chorus

FC Alumni Chorus 2003 CD Front Cover 

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Songs On This CD

  1. My Father's Voice

  2. For You Have Promised

  3. We Are One

  4. Almighty In Wonder

  5. The Cost

  6. The Word In Me

  7. Come King Of Kings

  8. He Carried My Sorrows

  9. Softly, So Softly

10. Be Still

11. Joy Of A Servant

12. Let Me Tell You

13. Arise, Your Savior Has Come

14. Magnify, Oh Magnify!

15. When I Call My God

16. He Will Strongly Support You

17. I Will Wake the Dawn With Praises

18. Father, Forgive

19. One In Him

20. Be Strong And Courageous

21. Into Thy Hands

22. My Voice Shall Sing To You

23. Healing In Its Wings

24. Let Us Arise And Build Jerusalem

25. They Watched Him There

26. The Way Of Holiness

27. Search Me Oh God